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About the Aligned Ambition Podcast

Join the tribe of women who are making waves in the world. You’ll be challenged, coached, and inspired by other like minded women! This podcast is here to help you realise that you don't need to be ready, perfect or take yet another course to start your business. You just need to take the first imperfect step!

A unique blend of straight talking northerner mixed with the heart of a spiritual gangster gives this show both the heart and the grit to get you moving in your business.

I truly believe that anything is doable if we put our minds to it and that's where this podcast was born from.

Along with some incredible guests who come on to share their imperfect journeys, each week I'll be providing you with the help, inspiration and advice to make you go full tilt into your daydream.

I’m Laura - your podcast hostess and business cheerleader. 

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"This is the most relatable and down to earth advice. Laura gives it to you straight from the heart and her humour mixed with her knowledge is a powerful combination! She never fails to uplift and inspire me and has not only made me believe that I can achieve my dreams, she's giving me the tools to actually go about doing it! 😘" — Ellie.

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